Responsible use of glue

1. The importance of reading the instructions

Did you know that Gorilla Glue® is moisture-activated and that the surface must be moistened before gluing? Or does proper tensioning increase joint strength? Even when gluing seems simple, it pays to read the instructions to ensure proper use and high strength.

2. Avoid skin and eye contact

As with all glues, it is best to wear gloves or other protective clothing as well as eye protection to prevent contact.

Gorilla Glue in particular can discolor the skin and ruin the clothes. In some cases, it is a skin sensitizer, which means that if you are prone to skin reactions, you should be extra careful and take thorough precautions. It is also recommended to use safety glasses or other eye protection if there is the slightest risk of eye contact. Further information can be found in the safety data sheet for each individual product.

Gorilla Super Glue is a quick glue and can glue skin. We recommend that you wear protective clothing or gloves to prevent skin contact.

Gorilla Epoxy and Gorilla Wood Glue can be washed off with soap and water. It is always a good idea to wear gloves, these are easier to remove should skin contact occur.

3. Work area

Protect the work area from spills: Before gluing anything, we recommend that you protect the work surface. Gorilla Wood Glue is easy to clean off with water, but Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Super Glue and Gorilla Epoxy can be extremely difficult to remove from surfaces. Paper towels, newspapers or plastic wrap can be used to keep the areas clean and damage-free.

Good ventilation: If inhalation of the adhesives results in physical discomfort, leave the work area and seek fresh air.

4. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

Gorilla products are strong and effective in gluing materials together. If they are misused, however, they can pose problems. To avoid unnecessary cleaning, we recommend that the products are only used by adults, or under adult supervision. In addition, it is important to keep all glue out of the reach of children and animals to prevent ingestion of glue.

5. Storage

All glues achieve optimum shelf life before use when stored at room temperature, cool and dry. Do not store in a hot vehicle or room.