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Gorilla Danmark

Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape

Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape

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As the only tape on the market, Gorilla Crystal Clear (Clear Repair) is a unique combination of the well-known strength of Gorilla Tape delivered in the form of a weatherproof, airtight and crystal clear tape - Ideal for all types of repairs.

With Gorilla Crystal Clear at hand, you can easily and simply repair, patch, seal, retain and protect any surface with a crystal clear surface of Gorilla Crystal Clear tape.

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Gorilla Crystal Clear works best when applied at temperatures from -12°C to 48°C. To prevent fingerprints on the tape, you should clean your hands before using the tape and try to handle the tape only along the edges.

Use a sharp edge, e.g. a credit card or similar. object to squeeze out fingerprints with.

For best results, tape must be applied to a clean surface. Airtight patches are most easily achieved on smooth, dry surfaces, with tape on both sides of the repair.

The tape size must be larger than the repair, and include all edges of the repair.

Rub vigorously over the entire surface of the tape, especially along the edges.

NOTE: A surface patch gains additional strength over time. Gorilla Crystal Clear works best when patching is done in one layer of tape. Overlap may cause leakage. Gorilla Crystal Clear is not made to patch inflatables along seams.

Store the tape in the original packaging to prevent dirt and grime on the edge. Keep dry and cool.

Product Features

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR: Does not yellow*
  • HEAVY DUTY: Extra thick adhesive

*Long exposure to extreme heat will turn the product yellow

**Surfaces must be clean, smooth, non-porous, and water must be pressed out from the underside of the tape. Not for use on applications below press or on seams. Overlapping tape can cause leaks.

Technical specifications

  • USE TEMPERATURE : -12°C to 48°C, best at room temperature
  • OUTDOOR: Yes
  • Moisture resistant: Yes
  • STORAGE TIPS: Store in a cool, dry place in original packaging to prevent dirt on the edge.


What is the difference between Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape and other tapes?

Gorilla Crystal Clear is a strong, versatile tape that is weatherproof, airtight, crystal clear and can be peeled off by hand (that's right - no dispenser needed!). Ideal for thousands of purposes, Crystal Clear Tape sticks to almost anything – the possibilities are almost endless. It can be used to patch smooth surfaces, it bonds rough and uneven surfaces, and it can even be used to seal and protect surfaces.

Is Gorilla Glue used as an adhesive on Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape?

No, they are two different glues. Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane adhesive and the adhesive used on Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape is specially made for the tape.

What other types of tape does Gorilla make?

Gorilla manufactures three types of tape.

Gorilla Tape is an incredibly strong duct tape that is constructed with double thickness adhesive, a strong textile-reinforced backing and a strong, resistant outer layer. The construction of Gorilla Tape creates a weather-resistant grip on rough and uneven surfaces such as brick and stucco that standard tape cannot stick to.

Gorilla Packaging Tape is the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storage. The crystal clear tape is resistant to water and temperatures, a full 72 mm wide and has a thickness of almost 87 µm (micron). The tape's soft and quiet unrolling ensures packages are faster and easier with just a single piece. With the tape's wider construction, the easy-to-handle dispenser and hassle-free tear-off, it is simpler to use than other types of packing tape.

Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape is fantastically strong, crystal clear tape that is ideal for repairing, patching, sealing, holding and protecting on a variety of surfaces, including leather, cushions, car repairs, plastics, tarpaulins, awnings, covers, camping products and even broken smartphones.

Is Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape waterproof?

Gorilla Crystal Clear is resistant to water and weatherproof. On smooth surfaces, however, Gorilla Crystal Clear will remain strong even when fully submerged. Although it works on inflatable products, Gorilla Crystal Clear should not be used on safety products such as life jackets and lifeboats.

Can Gorilla Crystal Clear be used as a patching tape?

Yes, but there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure an airtight patch. Surfaces must be clean and dry for best results.

1. The patch must be larger than the area it is to repair, and exceed all edges.

2. Rub vigorously all over the patch, especially along the edges.

3. Repeat on the back of the subject, if available.

Although it works on inflatable products, Gorilla Crystal Clear should not be used on safety products such as life jackets and lifeboats.

Can I remove Gorilla Crystal Clear?

Gorilla Crystal Clear may become permanent over time. After a long time it can become difficult to remove and it can leave a residue.

What is the best application temperature for Gorilla Crystal Clear?

Gorilla Crystal Clear works best when used between -12°C and 49°C

How should I store Gorilla Crystal Clear?

It is best to store Gorilla Crystal Clear in its original packaging to prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the edge. Best stored in a dry and cool place.

How can I remove fingerprints on Gorilla Crystal Clear after it has been applied?

To prevent fingerprints, wash your hands before use and only touch the tape along the edge when applying. Use a straight edge (e.g. a ruler or a plastic card) to press any fingerprint out.