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Gorilla Danmark

Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape

Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape

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                                                       gorilla tough clear weatherproof indoor outdoor

Industrial-strength, transparent, weather-resistant double-sided mounting tape.

Gorilla Mounting Tape is the new alternative to nails or screws, making it the perfect solution for your next project.

The versatile adhesive surface instantly adheres to both smooth and rough surfaces, ensuring a long-lasting and weatherproof joint ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Assemble, build and repair quickly and easily every time.

Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting tape is a transparent double-adhesive mounting tape that does not yellow over time. This tape can be used for:
• 45 grams per 1 cm tape
• 450 grams per 10 cm tape
• 4.5 kg per 1 m of tape

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Apply the tape to the back of the item, perpendicular to the direction of wear, to provide an even distribution of weight. Avoid touching the surface of the tape.

1. Cut the tape to length and press it against the workpiece to secure it.

2. Remove the clear cover from the tape, find and adjust the desired location of the item.

3. Press firmly as Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape conforms to the surface and creates a strong, PERMANENT bond.

Product Features

Strong adhesive on both sides provides a quick and easy permanent attachment.

For indoor and outdoor use.


For Plastic*, metal, wood, glass, brick, ceramics, stone and much more!**

*Not for use on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, polyethylene and polypropylene plastic or other non-stick surfaces.

**Weight limits may vary depending on surface texture, porosity and surface flatness. Both surfaces must be completely flat to make full contact with adhesive.

Technical specifications

  • USE TEMPERATURE: above 10°C
  • SERVICE TEMPERATURE: continuous up to 90°C, intermittent - up to 150°C
  • OUTDOOR: Yes
  • Moisture resistant: Yes
  • STORAGE TIPS: Store in a cool, dry place. 17°C to 23C, 30 to 70% relative humidity.


Is Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape permanent?

Yes. When an object is mounted with Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape, it is mounted permanently and you should not expect to be able to remove it again.

How do I remove the cover from Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape?

Once the Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape has been pressed onto the surface of the item to be held, remove the cover by pulling it from one corner of the tape. This can be done using a fingernail or similar.

How do I remove Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape?

Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape is a permanent mount. Once applied, it can be difficult to remove and can damage surfaces if an item is attempted to be removed.

If the mounted Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape is not directly accessible, breaking/tilting movement in one of the corners of the object can in some cases release it from the surface. Please note that damage to the surface may occur.

If Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape is directly accessible, in some cases it can be removed by pulling it parallel to the surface to remove it from the object.